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Schreiner Valuation Resources LLC (SVR LLC) provides appraisal & consulting services through-out the United States.  SVR LLC is headquartered within the Indianapolis (Indiana) Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  SVR LLC has affiliates through-out the United States.  SVR LLC contact information is noted below.

Telephone, Facsimile & Electronic Mail
Telephone (800) 373-1210 or (317) 216-8601

Facsimile (800) 229-5143 or (317) 216-5584


Corporate Headquarters  
101 West Ohio Street, Suite 2000

Indianapolis, Indiana  46204


Disabled American Veteran Owned - Schreiner Valuation Resources (SVR) is a Disabled American Veteran owned business.  Bill Schreiner, who owns 100% of Schreiner Valuation Resources is; 1) an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, 2) has a Service Connected Disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), 3) is a member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, and 4) is a member of the National Veteran Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).